Delivery times for the specific items can be seen in descriptions for each of the items. The delivery period will be extended by up to 30 days if and when unforeseeable, extraordinary events occur which the Seller, despite taking precautions reasonable for the circumstances in the specific case, is unable to prevent; this provision shall also apply if and when such events occur to the Seller's suppliers, provided that the events have substantial influence on the production or delivery of the merchandise. Such events include, but are not limited to, official intervention, operational disruptions, industrial actions, delays in the delivery of raw materials and supplies, and the rejection of a work piece. If and when a delay of this type occurs, the Customer will be notified without delay. He/she may then in every case elect to request within 30 days return of any payments which have been made. If and when performance of the delivery or service becomes impossible as a consequence of the above-mentioned events, the Seller will be released from the delivery obligation; the Customer cannot request damage compensation in such cases. In the event of default of delivery, the Customer shall set a reasonable subsequent period of no less than 2 weeks.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs as described below will be charged unless otherwise specified in the description of the specific item in the online shop:


We will charge a lump sum of €5.95 per order (DHL or DPD package) irrespective of how many items you have ordered.

An express delivery service is possible when placing the order online or by phone, but not via order card. If you place the order on weekdays until 1 p.m., you will receive the goods on the following day. Orders placed at the weekend will be delivered the following Tuesday. Delivery will be made per DPD and the costs will amount to 10.95 EUR (per order, irrespective of how many items you have ordered).


EU Member States:

We charge €12.95 shipping and handling per order for items shipped in EU member states. The shipping costs will be clearly shown in the shopping cart system and on the order page. We will bill a shipping surcharge per item for some especially bulky items. If a shipping cost surcharge is required for a specific item, you will find this information in the product description for that item.

Other Countries:

We generally ship merchandise only within Germany and to EU member states. Contact us by e-mail or telephone if you want to ask about the possibility of delivery to other countries.